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A Simple Goodbye, Degena Yun, China : TX Premiere

After Spring, Ellen Martinez and Steph Ching, USA

All The Colors Of The Night, Eléonore Berrubé, France : North American Premiere

Antisocial, Megan Cardwell, USA

Asha, Meena Nanji, Kenya : US Premiere

Baby Doll, John Valley, USA

Base, Alexandra McGuinness, USA

Belladonna Of Sadness (1973), Eiichi Yamamoto, Japan

Black And White In Color, Juliana Thomas, USA : TX Premiere

Black Sheep, Mitchell Hubes , USA

Brix And The Bitch, Nico Raineau , USA : TX Premiere

Bunny & Non-Bunnyness, Ben Blanchard, USA : World Premiere

Cathedral Park: Angie, Travis Blue, USA : World Premiere

Chocolate Metal Mountain, Ryan Maxy + Danielle Davis, USA 

Circunstancia, Alisa Cacho-Sousa, Cuba

Class of 27

Crush, Katherine Bernard, USA

Devastator, Adolfo Cantu -Villarreal, USA : North American Premiere

Dogsbody, Josh Crockett, USA

Dreamlands, Sarah Dunlop, UK

Emmett, Brooks Morrison, USA : World Premiere

Empty Bed, Brandt Shandera, USA

Exit Interview, Winnie Cheung, USA : Tx Premiere

Eye Of India, Benn Burkeley, India

Flesh And Blood, Merlin Camozzi, USA

Flying Eggs, Sheldon Chau, USA  : World Premiere

Hit And Run, Jason Neulander, USA : TX Premiere

House Keeper, Lane Stroud, USA : TX Premiere

How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change, Josh Fox, USA

Indigo, Jody Wilson, Canada

Jackson, Maisie Crow, USA

Lightningface, Brian Petsos, USA : TX Premiere

Lightning In The Hand, Joey Grossfield, USA

Make Like a Dog, Marshall Allman, USA

Madame Psychosis Holds a Séance, Rosson Crow, USA

Nascent, Lindsay Branham and Jonathan Kasbe, Central Africa

Oasis, Samantha Drake, USA

Oh My God, Forgive Me, Alexa Coblent, USA : World Premiere

Pet, Chris Moraitis, Greece : TX Premiere

Prestige Ingredients, Danielle and Adrian Rubi Dentzel, France

Putting The Dog To Sleep, Robert Ravenscroft, USA

Radio Dreams, Babak Jalali, USA

Relics of the World

Rotten, Katerina Gorshkov, USA

Scripts, Jeannie Wonders, USA : US Premiere

Second Skin, Charlie Manton, UK : TX Premiere

Set The Thames On Fire, Ben Charles Edwards, UK : TX Premiere

Sleep When Dead, John Valley, USA

Something That Matters, Steven Lyon, USA

Stare At The Sun, Thomas Allen Humphreys, USA

Starfall, Nicolas Sieganthelar, Switzerland

Tav Falco : Make Me Know You’re Mine, JP Olsen, Kristen Nutile, USA : World Premiere

Terra Incognita, Bruno Mello, Brazil : TX Premiere

The Bus Stop, Justin Malone, USA

The Deal, Daniel Kaminsky, USA : TX Premiere

The Duke, Max Barbakow, USA :  TX Premiere

The Garden, Natalia Iyudin, USA

The Nude, Brian Zahm, USA

The Past Inside The Present, James Siewert, USA

The People Garden, Nadia Litz, Canda

To Keep The Light, Erica Fae, USA : TX Premiere

Trainsurfers, Adrien Cothier, USA

Transpecos, Greg Kwedar, USA

Under The Sun, Qui Yang, China

Unremarkable, Jared Anderson, USA : World Premiere


The Bob Bullock Museum in Austin, TX recently featured a retrospective of films screened by the Marfa Film Festival on April 28th, 2016. MFF  shared a slate of shorts, music videos and one of all our all time favorite films “The American Astronaut” by Cory McAbee. Festival creator and director Robin Lambaria was present for a Q&A, followed by a gathering at Justine’s Brasserie.  Thank you to all who joined us for this memorable Event.



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Since 2007 the Marfa Film Festival has attracted talented filmmakers, international press, industry professionals, and attendees from around the world to a remote corner of far west Texas. Over 5 days we screen a diverse mix of features, shorts, music videos, and experimental works, including a full afternoon schedule followed each evening by outdoor classics screenings in a starlit desert, with special happenings and spaces.

Our program celebrates innovation and excellence in filmmaking through meticulous curation and fostering a relaxed social space where up-and-coming filmmakers and adventurous cinephiles mix with film veterans and living legends in a captivatingly scenic, culturally rich environment. We show films one-at-a-time, so attendees can enjoy the entire program with spare hours to relax and socialize in that unhurried “sun-drenched desert town at the end of the world” Marfa kind of way.

Filmmakers, flims, and musical talents featured at MFF have gone on to win Oscars, Emmys and Grammys. Our program features works of promising newcomers, exceptional talents, and celebrated masters, including world premieres and overlooked classics.


The remote landscape surrounding Marfa has witnessed a fascinating history of art and film which continues to unfold in. Festival attendees enjoy an intimate get-away immersed in the unique culture, spectacular scenery, and clear air of the Marfa plateau.

We hope you will join us

“The best little fest I’ve ever attended”

– Randall Roberts, LA Weekly


Passes get you into all screenings, plus a commemorative badge, festival tote and program guidebook.


• Discounted Passes and Tickets available for Tri-County residents (available on-site during the fest with a local photo ID or utility bill)



We accept Narratives, Documentaries, Animated Films, Music Videos, Trailers / Teasers, Experimental Works, and Screenplays of any genre, addressing any topic. Films must screen within defined runtimes, detailed in our entry guidelines.

Selecting a film for the Marfa Film Festival program is the only formal award we bestow. MFF doesn’t choose ‘best-of’ or organize selected films into competitive hierarchies. We’ve noticed eschewing competitiveness seems to foster a refreshingly unguarded social atmosphere where creative people with a diversity of experiences and reputations can meet to discover new friendships and collaborations naturally. We treat visiting filmmakers with friendly hospitality including a luxuriant filmmakers only dinner and other special happenings.


Traveling to the Marfa Film Festival is an adventure in itself. Located in one of the most remote corners of the United States, you can arrive here by automobile, train, and private airplane. For specific information about how to make your way to Marfa click here.

Alpine is our neighboring city and has many great attractions and far more accommodation than Marfa ,we highly recommend booking there if accommodations in Marfa become scarce. Also explore and enjoy the whole region.

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