Marfa Film Festival

For the intrepid, Far West Texas is an unforgettable place, far from the world, urging visitors back time and again to its awe-inspiring wildness and serenity. Particularly, there is Marfa, home to Marfa Film Festival, coming June 26th - June 30th, 2013.

Marfa is a small town alone on a high plateau, a place defined by a history of separation, where life proceeds at its own distinct pace as a harmony of antithesis: cowboy culture and high-art. Designed as a gasp of fresh air, Marfa Film Festival is a retreat far away from the chaotic and competitive environments found on the festival circuit. It's a get-a-way that is truly WAY out there.

For five magical days we will screen films that transcend time with indelible images and engaging storytelling, reminding us that the art of cinema can change our lives and renew the world.

With all the press, Marfa is not hidden anymore, but its remoteness and population (under 2,000) still give it that feeling, as only the most intrepid connoisseurs of art and nature make the trip.

The Fourth Annual Marfa Film Festival will be held June 26th - June 30th, 2013, screening over 50 features, shorts and experimental works. Because Marfa's wide-open plain, distant mountains and incomparably starry sky are part of the draw, Marfa Film Festival will have outdoor screenings during the festival. Indoor screenings will be anchored at the state-of-the-art Crowley theater. Festival headquarters will be at the famous Paisano Hotel (where James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor lived during the filming of "Giant").

We are in the high desert where the weather may get cold at night. Please check the conditions on your favorite weather site, and don't forget warm clothing and sunscreen.


Hours from a major city, Marfa sits alone on a grassy plateau 5,000 feet high and surounded by desert mountains. It's a faraway place legendary for great ranches, strange lights in the sky, Buffalo Soldiers, Mescalero Apaches and outlaws gone to the badlands "West of the Pecos."

In contemporary times travelers have come for Marfa's world class film productions and phenomanal art (thanks to George Stevens and Donald Judd, and more recently, the Coen brothers and P.T Anderson). That's not to mention the amazingly talented array of artists, patrons and foundations who have made Marfa their home, investing their future in this one stop light town while creating and attracting some of the best art and music in the world. Like the Prada store built as an installation on a lonely highway up the road, Marfa occupies a distinct point on the cultural frontier, being both totally modern and perfectly rural. Just two minutes south of town is a border station on the way to Mexico. And less than an hour away is Big Bend National Park, one of the great undiscovered places in America.

Where else can you experience the unexpected magic of riding a bicycle in the moonlight through a desert town's only (blinking) stoplight, find a hidden garden party through maps projected on the town's 1800's-era walls, take a school bus excursion to ancient sites and ex