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As Los Angeles wakes up and goes to work, so do TJ, BLAKE and TOMMY, three junkies whose workday consists of driving around L. A. in a battered Volvo station wagon, figuring out how to get their drugs for the day. As plans A, B, C, D and E fall through, the trio starts to come apart at the seams. When Blake brings up the idea of violently robbing a drug dealer friend of Tommy’s, we find out who these three really are and what they are willing to do to get what they need. A “drug” movie with no drugs, and a “road” movie that goes nowhere, A Thousand Junkies is a dark, visceral comedy about the 9 to 5 job of being a junkie, and the strange bonds that are formed between addicts.


FEATURE | Texas Premiere | USA 83min.

Tommy Swerdlow is a self-expresser from the old school. He’s a poet-screenwriter-actor-director-teacher, whatever he can get his hands on. He wrote a movie called Cool Runnings that people seemed to like, and a few others as well, including Little Giants and Snow Dogs. He moved to LA in 1983 when it was still all burgers and pie and has lived here ever since. He is the founder of the genre known as “mythoir,” but nobody knows it yet. His movie, A Thousand Junkies, which  co-wrote wrote, directed, and co-stars in will be released in 2017. He is also 100 pages into his first novel and wants everyone to know that he’s done fucking around.



Directed by: Tommy Swerdlow

Written by: Tommy Swerdlow & TJ Bowen

Producers: Lee Buckley, John De Menil, Tommy Swerdlow, Preston Clay Reed, Christine Melton

Executive Producers: Rick Rosenthal, Bert Kern, Nick Morton, Danny Petrasek, Darren Hicks, Simon Tams