An angry, crackling and defiantly disordered underclass of nowheresville punk- rock kids, see their band Surgeon General’s Warning (SGW) as their ticket out of small town Texas, as 1990 comes to a close. The band drops acid, plays gigs and carries out calculated acts of vandalism around town to the television soundtrack of 24-hour newscasts about Operation Desert Storm and devotion to country at any cost. Faced with the reality of a dead end job at the plastic plant, a life in the oil field, or fighting a war that has no meaning to them, the group's chaos and imminent adulthood leaves them completely vulnerable for what ensues.




Anthony Pedone was born in Texas but spent the formational years of his life on a ranch in Clayton, New Mexico. At 16 he moved back to Texas and played in multiple musical projects while studying music at Texas State University.

In 2015, Anthony produced THE STRONGEST MAN (TSM). Written and directed by Kenny Riches, TSM world premiere at Sundance and was released theatrically, and on VOD by Film Buff in North America and Sundance Global internationally. AN AMERICAN IN TEXAS (AIT)  world premiered at Byron Bay Film Festival, mid October 2017. 

Anthony recently wrapped production on director, Kenny Riches, new feature, A NAME WITHOUT A PLACE starring Pat Fugit, Elizabeth McGovern & Chris Parnell. His current projects include co-producing a documentary with Blowback Productions for HBO, and Producing director Xia Magnus’ first narrative feature, SANZARU. 





Director | Anthony Pedone

Producers | Bianca Butti & John Hawthorne Smith

Written by |  Anthony Pedone & Stephen Floyd

Starring | James Paxton, Charlotte Best, Sam Dillon, JR Villarreal and Tony Cavalero

Director of Photography | Bianca Butti + Julian Quiambao

Editors |  Anthony Pedone & Tina Rivera