A lonely witch looks for love. She becomes infatuated with the idea of finding her fairytale. Once she finds her prince, however, her love spells prove not to be for the faint of heart. 

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - SAT 7/16 - 10:00 AM



Megan Cardwell
has made her mark with her unique storytelling and visually driven signature style that often veers toward the darker side of life. She is completely enveloped by each project she takes on, from writing the original concept into approving of the final color scheme. Her award-winning work has been featured in multiple festivals along with Marfa Film Festival, including Austin Music Video Festival, Longhorn Music Video Showcase, IMAGINE+NATION Video Contest, and Texas Union Film Festival.



Writer/Director - Megan Cardwell
Producer - Paige Smith
Director of Photography - Homero Salinas
Assistant Director - Victoria Ortiz
Costume Design - Daniela Salazar
Creative Design - Daniel Diaz Cast: Cortney Hesse, Kenny Gar