Long after the fact, two sisters seek moral redemption through avenging their father’s murder, each one completely ignorant of the other’s true motivation.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater – Saturday Oct 17 12:30PM


Category: Narrative Short
Year: 2014
Runtime: 11m
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish


Director: Diego de Haro
Screenwriter: Diego de Haro
Producer: Rodrigo Mendoza Walker
Executive Producer: Mónica Lozano
Co-Producer: Humberto Hinojosa Oscariz, Pablo García Gatterer
Editor: Joaquim Martí
Cinematographer: Guillermo Garza
Sound Editor: Enrique Greiner
Production Designer: 
Cast: Andrea Galante, Mercedes Nasta, Salvador Ortega



Diego de Haro earned a BA in Communications with a minor in Entertainment form Mexico’s Universidad Iberoamericana. Having made various amateur and student short films during his high school and college years, Diego began working full-time in the Mexican film industry in 2011, as part of prolific Mexican producer Mónica Lozano’s production team. Working for her production company, Alebrije Producciones, he has taken part in several feature film productions, as well as development for other projects in the works. Bestial marks Diego’s first professional film project as a director.