To the Cuban people, the horizon line can be friend, family or foe--but it is always present. 'Circunstancia' is a documentary short inspired by the recurrent theme of insularity in Cuban art and poetry. It explores the complex dualities that exist living in a country where the ocean is a constant reminder of the political, symbolic and geographic isolation of its people -- for better or for worse.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - SAT 7/16 - 12:00 PM



Alisa Cacho-Sousa
recently earned her BA in Film and Sociology at Tulane University in New Orleans. She plans to move to Mozambique, Africa in August where she will be teaching high school English for two years and working on an independent documentary project. Her films explore the social spaces in which people find themselves, and how they reconcile their individual personalities and desires with their cultural heritages and realities.



Director/Editor: Alisa Cacho-Sousa
Director of Photography: Lea Jackson
Additional Camera Crew: Inez Franco, Phil Gladkov, Fifer Garbesi
Sound: Claudia Gonzales and Angelo del Castillo
Producers: Christopher Barber and Emily Atzen