A young car crash survivor struggles to separate fantasy from reality while confronting demons from her past.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater – Saturday Oct 17 12:30PM


Category: Narrative Short
Year: 2015
Runtime: 14m
Country: USA
Language: English


Director: Lael Rogers
Screenwriter: Lael Rogers
Producer: Lars Berg Andersen
Cast: Samantha Hobson, Tony Doupe, M’Lissa Hayes, Arthur Allen



Lael Rogers was born and raised in Alaska, where fun had to be created, and very quickly that fun turned into making videos of all kinds. Lael attended Seattle University, where she majored in film studies, and during college, she worked as a programming intern at Seattle International Film Festival, as an in-house editor and videographer for Lucid Reverie, and as the equipment manager at the Northwest Film Forum. She was awarded the 2014 Juneau Arts and Humanities Council Individual Artist’s award for her work on COLLISION.

Lael now works as a freelance filmmaker between Washington and Alaska on commercial and narrative sets, which have included features, shorts, web series, and television shows. She strives to create meaningful images within welcoming and community oriented on-set atmospheres. COLLISION is Lael’s directorial debut.