Festival Creator and Director | Robin Lambaria
Board of Directors | Joel Boehm, Flo Lambaria, Liz Lea
Board Secretary | Dawn Chapman
Tech Director | Rob CrowleyDirector of Operations + Food and Beverage  Anna Charbonnet
Director of Partnerships + Brand Development  April Cook
Lounge Manager | April Cook
Stage Manager + Sound | Ryan Rooney
Art Department + Media Designer  + WebDesign| Tina Rivera
Art Department + Fabricator | Moritz Landgrebe
Art Department + Graphic Design + In theater music| Marie Ely
Art Department | Ari Guerrero, Dallas Cloud , Miguel Strong Volunteer + Production Coordinator | Annie Thompson Production Coordinator | Imotep White
Production | Bryn McKay,
Graphic Design | Tina Rivera
Outdoor Screening | Josh Jacobs, Daniel KuehmCo-Founders | Robin Lambaria , Cory Van Dyck
Administration | Anna Charbonnet