A haunting experimental, docu-musical about global warming and changing the dream. A woman is guided by a dream therapist onto a shamanic journey through the inner and outer worlds of being. Within the dream state she works to shift her dream to a vision of love, and in doing so succeeds in shifting the universal dream as well. It is a film about the state of the world, the destruction of the earth, and a dream of a brighter unified future.


SHORT | USA | 10mins.

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Ariana Delawari is an Afghan American filmmaker, musician, and activist. Delawari recorded her debut album "Lion of Panjshir" in Kabul working with Afghan elder Ustads and her American bandmates. She finished the album with filmmaker David Lynch producing a track and releasing the album on his label. Delawari directed an award winning documentary feature film about the making of this album, her family story, and her documentation of Afghanistan since 9/11. The film is called "We Came Home" and will be released soon digitally. Delawari recently released a double album called "Entelechy I & II", and an accompanying surreal docu-musical short film by the same name (Entelechy) which she wrote and directed. One version of the new album, "Entelechy I", is an experimental pop journey produced by electronic producer and DJ Butchy Fuego, and the other version, "Entelechy II", is a stripped down acoustic version of the same songs featuring Afghan tabla virtuoso Salar Nader. Delawari is also an activist. She gave a TEDx talk and performance at the inaugural TEDx Kabul, and also started a peace campaign in Afghanistan called "Inspire Peace". Most recently, Delawari co-wrote and performed on a song for Jill Soloway's tv show "I Love Dick". She is currently co-creating an app to feature organizations rebuilding Afghanistan called "Afghanistan Connect" with Fereshteh Forough C.E.O. of "Code to Inspire" in Afghanistan. The Afghan female students at "Code to Inspire" designed and developed the app under the guidance of their mentors.


Ariana Delawari


Cast : Ariana Delawari, Daniel Blinkoff, Bo Foxworth, Lita Albuerque ; Crew : Director : Ariana Delawari, Producer : Nicole Disson, Writer : Ariana Delawari, DP : Berenice Eveno, Editors : Mariana Blanco with additional editing by Maximilla Lukacs, Choreography : Kitty McNamee, Composer : Ariana Delawari and Butchy Fuego with strings arranged by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson