Gravitation is a synergy of dance and cinema. It is shot entirely in slow motion and features Diana Vishneva, principal dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet and the American Ballet Theater.
The film is the story of creation, inner struggle and transformation. Calligraphic black and white images are rich in metaphors exploring the notions of time and space, movement and light.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater – Friday Oct 16 3:15PM


Category: Experimental Short
Year: 2015
Runtime: 14m
Country: Russian Federation
Language: Silent


Director: Andrei Severny
Writer: Rem Khass, Andrei Severny
Producer: Rem Khass
Cinematographer: Steve Romano
Cast: Diana Vishneva




Andrei Severny is a filmmaker, photographer and video artist. Maintaining a strong and recognizable visual style, his works operate on multiple levels engaging both intuition and intellect. His stories seamlessly integrate scientific analysis and reveal Severny’s vision of the future. In his quest to show the inner world he engages both reality and abstraction. Severny’s narrative and documentary films explore human perception, psychology, neuroscience. Since 2007 Severny collaborates with Edward Tufte, a world renown master of analytical design, producer of Severny’s documentary Teaching to See. Andrei Severny’s first feature-length film CONDITION was produced by the fierce independent filmmaker Amir Naderi and premiered at the 29th Torino Film Festival, Italy. Severny was born in 1977 in Moscow, Russia into a family of astronomers. Since 2004 he lives and works in New York City.