The video was purely a collaborative effort.

The concept behind Guni Guni is to challenge the audience by attempting to remove factors (such as race and gender) that would bias them.

A collective representation of how the artists involved interpreted the idea of breaking barriers and overcoming prejudice.


 MUSIC VIDEO | USA | 4mins.


Western Australian Fashion Photographer Robert Clyde Grima has been intrigued by photography at a tender age. Growing up in a rural mining town somewhere off Perth, he began to capture landscapes with his dad's camera and then progressed to models and fashion in his later years. Being one of the first to shoot Australian model Gemma Ward, Grima was also nominated for Australian Fashion Photographer of the year a few years later. Grima, with his ever-relaxed, Aussie attitude, makes him a favorite amongst his client to work with. He embraces a sense of perfection laced with a positive can-do attitude on every set.



As a musician and sound designer, Sonia Manalili has always appreciated the connection between the sound and visual experience. Having worked on various facets of film, Manalili strives to create work that enhances the emotional relationship between the two.





Sonia Manalili


Director: Robert Clyde Grima, Creative Director: Caviar Du Jour, Guni Guni Creative Director: Sonia Manalili, Starring dancers from The D.R.E.A.M. Ring: Droopz, Fsod Haedes, Jigz, Klassic, Polo, Scorp, DP: Nick Korompilas, Editor: Brian Welch, Stylist: Ann Bryant, Make-up Artist: Zarielle Washington