After years of waiting for a signal from home, Takumi and his toy robot companion receive a message that they will be returning to their home planet. Suddenly he's faced with a choice to follow his cosmic destiny or pursue the love of his life here on earth. 

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - SAT 7/16 10:00 AM


Jody Wilson
is an emerging filmmaker who got her start in the industry through visual effects production at Digital Domain in Los Angeles in 2009. In this capacity, she has had the opportunity to work with such directors as Joss Whedon, Marc Forester and David Fincher, from whom she has learned invaluable amounts about her own craft as a director. Jody grew up in a small mountain town in Western Canada and studied Writing for Film at Vancouver Film School in 2003 before moving to Los Angeles to study producing at the New York Film Academy. A VFX production position on the film Ender's Game brought her back to Vancouver in 2012, where she lives currently and just wrapped post production on her short film, Indigo, that she funded through Kickstarter just weeks before the team went to camera last October. Jody is passionate about writing and aims to tell stories that evoke deep emotion by exploring different aspects of the human condition. The only thing she loves more than writing is directing the stories that she writes. She's a collaborative filmmaker who loves putting together teams of passionate crew who believe in the story and can bring their best to the project. She is currently writing a feature film and submitting Indigo into festivals world wide.


Cast: Elizabeth Davison & Kohei Shinozaki