Filmcoop presents, Jessica Jessica same name, same problems. The story of two friends in their late 30’s who aren’t married, aren’t mothers, aren’t failures, and are both named Jessica.

SHORT | CANADA | 13mins.


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Jasper Savage was born in Toronto, Canada. Her father is a Director of Photography and mother a novice photographer. She was taught the language of light and composition at a very young age; the camera being an extension of her family. Graduating from photography at Sheridan College in 2009, Jasper has since become an IATSE stills member in 2014. Her success in portraiture and storytelling has lead to a shift in her focus from stills to motion. "Jessica Jessica" is her first completed film, and is currently in development of her first feature.






Emily Andrews


Produced by: Emily Andrews, Laura Nordin, Jen Pogue

Executive Produced by: Jessica Hinkson, Jessica Greco, Jasper Savage

Directed by: Jasper Savage

Written by: Jessica Greco

Starring: Jessica Hinkson (Another Wolfcop) Jessica Greco (Antibirth) Troy Blundell (Kept Woman) Greg Calderone (Saving Hope)