Life is Fare is a Tigrinya/ English feature film exploring three wildly different perspectives on the East African nation of Eritrea. The film’s premise follows Sephora, an idealistic young Eritrean American pitching a well meaning but ludicrous film idea to her traditional mother about a man (Haile) who fled their home country and ended up in San Francisco. As a recently arrived immigrant, Haile is terribly homesick for his native Eritrea, but will not admit it due to unease towards speaking ill of the country; and more consciously in hesitance of admitting hard truths about his culture and himself. Life is Fare is a cross cultural analogy to challenge how patriotism and nationalism are practiced by people of a country, and is inspired by current Eritrean and Ethiopian migration experiences.


FEATURE | USA |  61mins.


Sephora Woldu is an Eritrean American visual artist and filmmaker based in San Francisco, and Life is Fare is Sephora’s third film and first feature. Her debut short film, Impresa!, debuted at the 2013 San Francisco Black Film Festival and has since received awards at festivals including the Independent Film Awards Berlin, Montreal International Black Film Festival, and the Silicon Valley African Film Festival. Her second short film, Exit, was made in Luxor, Egypt as a select filmmaker for the 2014 Haile Gerima Alternative Film Production Workshop, a film program created in partnership with the Luxor African Film Festival. 

Sephora has won funding for her work from the San Francisco Arts Commission, SF Film Commission, Yerba Buena Center of the Arts, and Wildflower Institute. In 2013 she founded Abyssurdian Productions LLC, a creative studio from which all of her films and projects are released. Additionally, Sephora is currently pursuing a Master's in Architecture from California College of the Arts and works at the design firm IDEO because among other things, she is full of surprises.


Sephora Woldu
Abyssurdian Productions


Getu Mehari, Almaz Negah, Isaac Berhe, Natra Zeryihun, Esther Kibreab, Sephora Woldu