A cat detective in over his head with booze, money, and the mob kidnaps his boss’ son to get ahead of the game. Bad move?

SCREENING: Crowley Theater – Friday Oct 16 11:30AM


Category: Narrative Short
Year: 2014
Runtime: 14
Country: USA
Language: English


Director: Joseph Skorman, Sharif Nakhleh
Screenwriter: Joseph Skorman, Sharif Nakhleh
Producer: Joseph Skorman, Sharif Nakhleh
Cast: Joseph Skorman, Sharif Nakhleh, Hector Escarramán, Elisha Skorman, William Rouge


email: loosecannonstv@gmail.com
website: www.loosecannons.tv
vimeo: www.vimeo.com/loosecannons
facebook: www.facebbook.com/loosecannonstv
twitter: www.twitter.com/loosecannonstv

Joseph “Joey” Skorman is an artist, director, an accomplished editor, and an animator. A writer, illustrator, producer and now adding to that list an actor. He is the co-creator of Loose Cannons, and is creator of PANIC Productions. He is a two time Telly award winning editor (2013-Silver, 2014-Bronze), and has won a silver Telly (2015) for his motion graphics work for the credit animation sequence at the end of LOOSE CANNONS (2015).




Sharif Nakhleh is a director, writer, editor, and a producer. He is a founder and creative director at The Build Creative. He is also currently working as a director for Bridgetown Media. He is best know for his directorial debut PATHOGEN (2006), and his music video work for various musical acts (GOLD CHAINS, TINY BONES).