Bintou, a Muslim girl, and Gaus, a Christian boy, are on opposing sides of the sectarian civil war in Central African Republic. With escalating personal, tit-for-tat revenge violence, people are often targeted along religious lines. Bintou and Gaus must discover who they are. 

Nascent is about how social identities are constructed and deconstructed through the circle of interactions with others and the self, and how social identity influences why war is waged. 

Until last year, the Central African Republic had no history of religious conflict. Today, their identity-based civil war has divided a once peaceful nation. Muslims fled the country in the tens of thousands, others are in hiding. The capital, Bangui, is like a place where the future has ducked into the shade to rest. 

Nascent explores the dichotomies of otherness and distills the conversation through the clarifying stories of two children and their individual yet unifying desire to move forward. 

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - FRI 7/15 - 2:30 PM

Central African Republic


Lindsay Branham & Jonathan Kasbe
Lindsay Branham is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer and the Co-Founder of Discover The Journey. Lindsay is a published qualitative and quantitative researcher and a frequent columnist and speaker. Lindsay has produced short films and original long form documentary films for CNN and BBC on subjects as diverse as the earthquake in Haiti, child sacrifice in Uganda, and the child soldiers of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army. Lindsay most recently created and produced the award-­winning short film, ey Came at Night. Lindsay’s focus is on central Africa, she is a USC school of journalism graduate and lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Jonathan Kasbe & Jonathan Olinger