A cathartic performance, Enough is about the intimate and personal struggle of confronting the effects of the societal objectification of the female form. The filmmaker exposes herself presenting her body for the viewers to place judgment. Sexual, vulnerable, shameful: the female body is quickly judged. The performance represents an opposition to the treatment of woman and assessment of her value based on her appearance. Removing a social symbol of her femininity and beauty the filmmaker demands transcendence, a change in the tides, a rebirth, a renewal – there has been enough.


SHORT | Canada 5min.

Naomi Mark is a born and raised Yukon filmmaker who has worked in the film industry for the past six years in both scripted and non-scripted film and television. An alumni of the Langara College Film Arts Directing program, the CMPA Mentorship program and the Documentary Channel Hot Docs Accelerator program Naomi has spent the majority of her twenties crafting stories for screen. Most recently Naomi directed the short film Underdog for CBC Short Docs and was a producer on the critically acclaimed feature documentary Aim For The Roses. Naomi is a lover of cinema and loves making fiction, documentary and experimental films and is currently in production on her first feature documentary, How To Bee.





Writer, Director, producer - Naomi Mark

Cinematographer - Cole Graham