Showcases the dynamic current food culture of Paris, France, through a clever, fictional narrative. Alia Shawkat stars as Alia, a young, out-of-work actress who takes a job with Pierre, a chef in Paris. Pierre, played by real-life chef Pierre Jancou, needs the specific talents of an actress to complete an inspired dinner event. Alia becomes immersed in the rich and varied restaurant scene and ends up having to dig deep within herself to deliver what she has promised to Pierre. The concept for Pierre's dinner and Alia's role therein will be the big reveal of the film's climactic scene. 

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - SAT 7/16 - 2:45 PM


Danielle and Adrian Rubi Dentzel
Adrian recieved his BA from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara in 2002 in creative writing. Soon after, he moved in the direction of his family’s tradition of craft, sculpture, and design. With six generations of wooden carousel makers behind him, Adrian grew up in an environment rich in woodwork and other crafts, working for is uncles and father in architecture, furniture making, and recording studio design. In 2008, he completed a several-month stage at Ufacto in Pantin, outside of Paris, France. The stage lead to employment, and Adrian moved with his wife, Danielle, to Paris. He continued to work at Ufacto under David Toppani for two, or so, years, creating prototypes and limited edition pieces by leading designers like Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Jasper Morrison, Hella Jongerius, Robert Stadler, the Campana brothers, Pierre Charpin, Francois Roche and Faye Toogood. Adrian was part of the show, Projectory, curated by Brent Dzeckorius at the Saatchi Galiery for the 2010 London Design Festival alongside designers Max Lamb, Raw Edges, Tauba Auerbach and many more. Starting with the opening in 2011 of Candelaria, a cocktail bar in Paris, Adrian developed a large client base comprising many of Paris’s standout bars and bistros. They include Vivant, Bones (now Jones), Le 6 Paul Bert, Glass, Verjus, Le Mary Celeste, Hero, and Les Fulgurances. Adrian Rubi-Dentzel is now based in California, but continues to work with clients in Paris. He is also the writer and co-director of the short film Prestige Ingredients in which the keen eye can spot many pieces of his furniture.


Alia Shawkat & Pierre Jancou & Redouanne Harjane