BENJI is funny but her stand-up is painful. Like it's literally just speaking her pain out loud in front of audiences who don’t care to listen. Her friend LAUREN, a former-physicist, reminds Benji that success is a matter of statistics; and free will is an illusion. When a visit to a PSYCHIC takes an unexpected turn, Benji decides what kind of gamble she's willing to risk to get rid of what's inside her.


SHORT | USA | World Premiere, 13mins.

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Dana Sorman is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. She’s preparing to direct her first feature based on her short about a woman who gets into a dangerous relationship with a PSYCHIC. She previously made a living as an actress on television shows like GREY’S ANATOMY and LOST, including a two-season run on HARRY'S LAW, starring Kathy Bates, after David E. Kelley continued to write for her after an initial audition for a two-line part. When the show was canceled, Dana became an art dealer by accident and wrote a television pilot, PRICELESS about her experiences. Her writing takes many forms—essays, short stories, stand-up and slam poetry. And she still deals art. Because, you know, it's cool.





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DIRECTOR + WRITER dana sorman • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ian keiser • PRODUCER katie white • CINEMATOGRAPHER chris westlund • CAST dana sorman, sadieh rifai, leah kaplan, michael canavan, nelson lee, denice lee • PRODUCTION DESIGN caity birmingham • EDITOR amanda c. griffin • COSTUME DESIGN svetoslava angelieva