“Relics of the New World” challenges the fate of forgotten things in a world of excess, and breathes new life into discarded and found objects. By repurposing objects, Shapiro creates a narrative of nostalgia and wonderment in the modern relic. The artist uses discarded materials to construct a new item, wholly different from the pieces used to construct it. The attention to detail and the meticulous nature of the process compels viewers to stay with the work, evaluate its construction, and delight in recognizing artifacts from our history. This film is the first attempt to join action with the objects, that later leads to various symbolic rituals that are performed and filmed. The work and the rituals that accompany it are then placed on display in installations that invite the viewer to slow down, and to not only gain appreciation for the artifacts that tell a story about who we are in this day and age, but to find inspiration in the value of time and craft. 

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - SUN 7/17 - 5:30 PM


Lucien Shapiro
Shapiro was born in 1979, in Santa Rosa, CA. He attended San Francisco Academy of Art University and received a BFA in 2003. It was here where Shapiro became addicted to the process of painstaking repetition and meticulous attention to craft. Shortly after his time at school, Shapiro developed a practice called “Urban Obsessions”, which explores both artists and viewers perception of identity, addiction, time, and loss. He composes elaborately constructed masks and ornately armored weaponry and vessels, which examines a relationship between modern waste and memories of ancient cultural artifacts. Practices and customs from the past are brought back to light through his revival of discarded materials, transformed into objects analogous with self -protection. A laborious craft and meditative consumption of time, transforms forgotten objects into nostalgically interesting and beautiful relics that compel viewers to re-evaluate what our everyday possessions represent and mean to us. Shapiro’s work was included in the December 2013 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine, and he has shown nationally and internationally. Most recently the object’s he creates are being utilized in various symbolic rituals that are performed and filmed. Recent live stage performances include a 30 plus city world tour entitled “A Fools Journey”, Coachella 2015, Kaaboo 2015, and Art Direction behind “The GasLampKiller Experience” video covered by Rolling Stone Magazine.