Samples of Society Scrap Iron, a LUSH production : Meet Scrap Iron through the eyes of producer, director and videographer, Hal Samples, as Scrap Iron shares stories of his love for playing music in this animated short, produced & directed by F. Joseph Santori and animated by Craig Staggs of Minnow Mountain Animation Studios.  This depiction of Scrap Iron is part of a series of animated shorts that run throughout the forthcoming episodic series, Samples of Society.  Samples of Society comes from more than a decade of interviews and personal bonds filmed and created by Hal Samples and we look forward to sharing it with the world in the months to come. A LUSH production.


ANIMATED SHORT |  World Premiere, 4mins.


Hal Samples (Director/Videographer):  It all started as a mistake for Hal Samples. His personal handycam footage taken from the streets of Dallas was taken between the years 2004-2006. HIs work is reimagined through the eyes of F. Joseph Santori and his friends at Minnow Mountain Animation Studios in Austin, TX. Known for not being known and sometimes talks very little, Hal, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and now works as a Film Director for LUSH UK where he lives with his family in Edinburgh and is currently working on the full length episodic series release of Samples of Society.


F. Joseph Santori (Animation Director/Producer): F.J. Santori is a multimedia digital director/artist, animator, musician and dad who has produced a wide variety of digital projects spanning cinema, computer gaming, application design and stage.  After over a decade as an art director in the gaming industry he went on to produce animated works for the likes of Warner Brothers Music, Warner Independent, Dallas and Austin Municipalities and dozens of clients.  Most notably he was a key animator on the animated feature, A Scanner Darkly released in 2006.  He currently resides in Austin, TX with his son, continues to direct a wide variety digital media projects and regularly performs


Hal Samples

F. Joseph Santori


Director: Hal Samples. Animation Director: F. Joseph Santori.  Animation: Craig Staggs of Minnow Mountain.  Minnow Mountain Producer: Steph Swope. Cast: Scrap Iron as Himself