Memo, 15, does odd jobs with his best friend for the local gang faction. He’s got a rather noticeable crush on Delia, 16 and into all things computer, anime, and moving out of her small town. The two start to form a bond and Delia agrees to let him walk her to school. But as fate would have it, he oversleeps and gets to Delia’s house too late. She’s already been kidnapped by the unknown ‘they’ in a black unmarked car. Thus begins the descent into a surreal reality of life ‘without heaven’ against those who do not exist.


SHORT | USA | 25mins.


From a multi-national family, Jianna Maarten is attracted to places and people that may on the surface seem unfamiliar but upon closer inspection trigger memories and connection on a much deeper level. She came to directing by way of writing and acting graduating from Columbia University’s Creative Writing program. Her first time out of the gate with short Dinner With Ana toured over 30 festivals worldwide and took home Best Directing and Best Actor. A graduating fellow of American Film Institute’s Directing program Jianna has directed over a handful of shorts and believes she never truly understands a film until after she’s finished it.





Daria Suvorova
Jianna S. Maarten


Director: Jianna Maarten Crew: Daria Suvorova (producer), Marcin Banasiak (cinematographer); Cast: David Gurrola, Fenessa Pineda, Vanessa Benavente, Sophia Santi, Dylan Bruno