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TENDER MOMENTS follows John, who after being laid off by his job in Houston flees to Shreveport with the stolen company car. Once in town an attempt to make a human connection through some casual-sex goes awry, and he is roped into acting as the alibi for the woman that robbed him of his severance money.


SHORT | USA  15min.

Alberto Govela is a filmmaker and architect and is interested in bridging architecture and cinema by using the medium of narrative film to explore how moments of human interaction in the city are both connected and isolated by our contemporary infrastructure (i.e. highway, internet, etc.) Rob Neilson is a New Yorker who fled to the humid swamps of Houston TX. If the whole film thing doesn't work out he plans to slowly morph into the corrupt, sweaty southern lawyer in a seersucker suit that he always dreamed being.


www.tendermomentsfilm.com emails: rob@savagehenryfilms.com, alberto@tendermomentsfilm.com


Directed by Alberto Govela & Rob Neilson

Starring -  Brian Watson, Julitta Pourciau, Melanie Haynes, Shelley Calene-Black, Heather Bloom, Joe Grisaffi

Produced by Mariella De Alba, Aberto Govela, Rob Neilson

Associate Producers -  Julitta Pourciau, Brian Watson