James was a loser, Monica was the prom queen and before his debilitating car accident Bryce was the star quarterback. But high school was a lifetime ago, and now everyone’s changed: Becca’s skinny, Hector’s a star and James is everyone’s best friend, everyone that is, except for Bryce. So when Monica suddenly disappears, Bryce knows exactly who to blame – but in order to find the truth he might lose more than he bargained for.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - SAT 7/16 - 10:00 AM


Danny Kaminsky
First-generation American Daniel Kaminsky grew up in San Diego, California before attending USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Kaminsky had worked as writer/director Joss Whedon’s assistant before expanding his role by co-producing and editing Whedon’s acclaimed MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Most recently Kaminsky served as an associate producer on AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, the sequel to the Marvel smash success.



Jacob Weary – “Bryce”
Alexandra Shipp – “Monica”
Daniel Amerman – “James”
Bobby Soto – “Hector”
Michelle DeFraites – “Becca”

Daniel Kaminsky – Writer/Director
Joss Whedon – Executive Producer
Michael Klein – Producer
Brett Young-Fountain – Producer
Adam Bricker – Director of Photography
Deborah Lurie – Composer