Based on a true story by actress Lili Taylor, The Duel is a visualization of her father's private struggle with mental illness. Originally told on the award-winning RISK! podcast, Taylor recalls a harrowing afternoon in which she saved her younger brother from the dangerous reality of their father's sudden mental breakdown.


SHORT |Texas Premiere | USA 6min.

Sean David Christensen is an artist who works in graphic design, music and experimental documentary. His films have screened internationally, and his artwork & animation have been featured on Buzzfeed, The A.V. Club, Gawker & Fandor. Christensen lives and works in Phoenix, AZ.




CAST: Lili Taylor (voice) Richard Neil, Katherine Marie Koenig, Matthew Miller, Melanie Case,

RISK! in association with Rekon Productions presents THE DUEL:

Director: Sean David Christensen

Written & Narrated by Lili Taylor

Produced by Sean David Christensen, Kevin Allison & Aaron Gambel

Based on an excerpt from the RISK! podcast originally produced by Kevin Allison & Jeff MerceR


Director of Photography: Aaron Gambel

Editor: Sean David Christensen

Assistant Director: Jana Stella

Camera Operator: Richie Trimble

Gaffer: Mike DiRicco

Grip: Caleb Bucy

Set Dresser: Sarah M. Gonzales

Miniatures: Sean David Christensen

Sound Editing & Music: Rafael Anton Irisarri & Maggie Dave

Sound Mixing & Mastering: Black Knoll Studio

Production Assistants: Joseph Matarrese, Phillip Matarrese, Shaye Troha, Francesca Wainscott & Robert V. Wainscott