Sidelined by concussions, ex-NFL linebacker J.P. “The Duke” Duke denies the magnitude of his injuries while clinging to gridiron glory. But when J.P.'s pregnant wife, Aubrey, hosts a Super Bowl bash, he faces the realities of life on the sidelines: stodgy neighbors, nacho cheeses, and the looming responsibilities of fatherhood. Stifled by suburbia, J.P. desperately seeks out Wayne Tuttle, his longtime agent and last link to past triumphs. But with Wayne missing in action and the clock winding down, J.P. must dig deep for one last goal line stand. For The Duke, getting through this Game Day is no guarantee

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - THURS 7/14 - 11:00 AM


Max Barbakow
is a writer/director in Los Angeles whose inclination for character-driven dark comedy probably stems from his conception in closet at a high school party. He has his MFA in Directing from the AFI Conservatory and is currently developing his second microbudget feature.



Directed by Max Barbakow
Written by Andy Siara & Derek J. Pastuszek
Produced by Dan Leonard
Starring: LaMonica Garrett, Catherine Urbanek