The Farthest tells the story of one of NASA's greatest missions - the iconic Voyager mission and its Golden Record. 12 billion miles away, Voyager is the farthest human-made object from our planet. Launched in 1977, it’s the only spacecraft to have ever left our solar system and entered the uncharted waters of interstellar space. Still sending back signals today - first person testimony from the original men and women of the Voyager plus never-seen-before archive and Super8 - make this a poetic, cinematic and uplifting film, an inspiring experience for any audience and the perfect story for our troubled times.


FEATURE |Texas Premiere | Ireland 120 min.


Director Emer Reynolds is an Emmy nominated multi-award winning documentary director and feature film editor, based in Dublin Ireland. Over the last two decades, Emer's work has spanned feature films, TV Drama and documentary. Documentaries Emer has worked on include the multi award winning, twice Emmy nominated wildlife feature 'Broken Tail' and the three times Emmy nominated ‘On a River in Ireland made for the BBC & PBS and notable as the most awarded wildlife film in the world of the past two years.




Line Producer: Zlata Filipović

Archive Researcher: Aoife Carey

Sound Designer: Steve Fanagan CGI

Visual Effects: Ian Benjamin Kenny

Sound Recordist: Kieran Horgan

Production company: Crossing the Line Productions

Director: Emer Reynolds

Producers: John Murray, Clare Stronge

Screenwriter: Emer Reynolds

Cinematographer: Kate McCullough

Editor: Tony Cranstoun Composer: Ray Harman

Executive Producers: John Rubin, Keith Potter, Seán B. Carroll, Dennis Liu                   

Cast: Frank Drake, Carolyn Porco, John Casani, Lawrence Krauss, Timothy Ferris, Ed Stone, Nick Sagan, Larry Soderblom, Brad Smith, Charlie Kohlhase, Fran Bagenal, Jim Bell, Frank Locatell, Suzanne Dodd, Jon Lomberg, Don Gurnett, Heidi Hammel, Candy Hansen-Koharcheck, Andrew Ingersoll, Stamatios ‘Tom’ Krimigis, Rich Terrile, Dave Linick, Linda Morabito, Fernando Peralta, Linda Spilker, Tom Spilker, Janet Sternberg, Amahl Drake