When Sweetpea Jake arrives in Japan with the intention of breaking it off with her rockstar boyfriend, she finds a mystery awaiting her. Her boyfriend Jamie is missing. Last seen shooting a music video deep in a forest. 
Sweetpea sets out to solve Jamie’s disappearance with the help of Mak, a cool but cagey ranger. As she unfolds the sequence of events before he went missing, Sweetpea’s suspicions of the people around her turn towards the chilling forest itself. A story of love and blindness, THE PEOPLE GARDEN is at its core a mystery that Sweetpea can only solve by facing the fiction she has told to herself.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - FRI 7/15 - 11:45 AM

Narrative Feature

Nadia Litz
is an alumni of York Cinema Studies, UCLA Extensions, CFC, Berlinale Talents, TIFF Talent Lab, and TIFF Screenwriting Lab. Her short film How To Rid Your Lover Of A Negative Emotion Caused By You! played over twenty festivals internationally including TIFF, Cannes Short Film Corner, MIFF, Curta Cinema, Brooklyn Film Festival and Austin’s Fantastic Fest where it won Best Short. It was included on David Eggar’s curated quarterly Wholphin alongside works of Jay Duplass and Sean Durkin. The People Garden won the audience award at the TIFF Screenwriter Lab and premiere at BAFICI. It is being released in fall 2016.


Dree Hemingway & Francois Arnaud & Jai West & James Le Gros