This land is our only home, yet due to our addiction to fossil fuels, a finite, non-renewable source of energy to sustain our lifestyles, we are putting our future at risk. "This Land" takes us from the Texas and Mexico border, to the Dakotas, and then Northern Canada. As we profile methods of extracting fossil fuels and transporting them, we will meet native and local communities fighting against gas and oil pipelines and see what is at stake if we continue on our current path or decide to make a stand for our land, this land, our only home.


FEATURE DOC |  USA, Mexico, Canada |  Texas Premiere, 58mins.


Alan Thompson is an American filmmaker from Baltimore, MD currently living and working in New York City. After studying film at Savannah College of Art and Design, he began working on various film sets and productions in the South. After relocating to NYC more than years ago, he has been working in documentary for just as long. As a director, Alan is fascinated with the lives of individuals who are often overlooked, and endeavors to present their stories in as authentic a manner as possible. His previous film "he Resettle" screened internationally and was described as “beautifully shot, informative, and so relevant” by Oscar Nominated Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns. His other previous documentary have include "We Stand Alone," "The Forgotten," and "Won't Bow Down."



Director: Alan Thompson

Producer: Alan Thompson & Ting Fan

Cinematographer: Jaime Puerta