Under Her Skin is a series profiling, a diverse group of female artists, ranging from ages 17-71 who draw from pain (whether personal, universal, or intergenerational) in order to create their work emphasizing the transformative power of art and it’s vital role in our society. 

Under Her Skin: The Girl Who Loves Roses (Panteha Abareshi)  Profiles teenage artist Panteha Abareshi, who grapples with her chronic physical pain and mental illness through her art. With emphasis on the importance of a  realistic representation of woman of color she creates vibrant and graphically raw characters that are strong, vulnerable, and unapologetically confrontational. 

Under Her Skin: Jane Rule Burdine An intimate character portrait of 71 year old photographer, Jane Rule Burdine exploring her work, personal struggles, and triumphs in the Mississippi Delta where she documents the beauty and idiosyncrasy of her Native soil while grappling with the harrowing Cultural complexities within the landscape of the American Deep South. Jane Rule’s astonishing archive of undiscovered photographic work is uncovered and a life of independence that bucks the traditionalism of the world in which she grew up in is chronicled, illuminating the life and work of a true renegade.

Under Her Skin: Linda Friedman Schmidt Details the life of a 68-year-old textile artist and activist who is the child of Holocaust survivors and was born in a displaced persons camp during WWII. Through her artwork Schmidt confronts inherited traumas by channeling her internal struggles and triumphs into woven narrative portraits with discarded clothing as her medium.  

Under Her Skin: Parker Day Behind-the-lens of hyper-surrealist photographer Parker Day this short film examines the formative moments that shaped Parker as an artist capturing her penchant for "the power of transformation"  and giving life to her artistic mantra: "All human beings possess infinite selves, allowing us to transcend the typical constructs of identity”.

Under Her Skin: Hein Koh Sculpture artist Hein Koh invites the viewer into her studio to explore her process when creating her highly immersive and colorful works of art. Koh, who is the mother of twin daughters, touches upon the ways in which her kids are an integral part of her creative vision and addresses the realities of balancing motherhood and her career. 

Under Her Skin: Tafv Sampson A family portrait and filmic scrapbook as told from the perspective of photographer Tafv Sampson, depicting the essence of creative energy that flows through generations, from her grandfather (the Native American actor and activist of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest fame) to the exploits of her mother, Nancy Rommelmann,  a true crime journalist. 






Kelsey and Rémy Bennett are sisters and creative collaborators based in NYC. Their collective vision has been praised for being vibrant, subversive, and inimitably honest. Their collaborations include film, photography, and fine art curation. Most recently they co-produced and directing, Under Her Skin, a video series profiling female artists that emphasizes the transformative power of art and it’s vital role in our society. Their short film within the series profiling artist Jane Rule Burdine premiered at Tribeca Film Festival (2018) and their short Film, The Girl Who Loves Roses, was recently honored by The 2018 Webby Awards. They are currently in development with two feature documentaries. 

Kelsey’s photography and fine art have been shown in solo and group shows in New York, LA, and London. She has contributed to Interview Magazine, Dazed, Polyester Zine, and VICE. Rémy Bennett wrote and stars in her directorial debut feature film Buttercup Bill that was released in the U.S. She has also written essays for Playboy, Bust, 1985, and Diabolique magazine.








Tafv Sampson, Jane Rule Burdine, Parker Day, Linda Friedman Schmidt, Panteha Abareshi, Hein Koh, Kelsey Bennett, Rémy Bennett