A story of a woman who is shot and killed during a vacation with her family. We stay with her body as various people interact with – the passerby, the police, the pathologist, the mortician, her family; it becomes the journey of her body until the casket is finally closed.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - FRI 7/15 - 5:45 PM


Jared Anderson
is a Los Angeles based Director from Salt Lake City, Utah. He recently completed a Directing Fellowship at the AFI Conservatory, prior to which he studied English Literature and Film at the University of Utah. Jared has directed both national commercials for the internet and several short films that have played at various festivals around the country. While at AFI he did an internship with an Emmy winning film and television Director/Producer at Sony Pictures. He previously spent three years working for the Sundance Film Festival, while at Sundance he also completed an internship with an Academy Award nominated director. Most recently he directed his AFI Thesis Film ‘UNREMARKABLE’, which is being submitted to festivals and has recently became a BAFTA Student Film Finalist. Jared is currently enjoying studio life assisting the filmmakers of SUICIDE SQUAD at Warner Brothers, while preparing to direct his first feature titled ‘KEEP SWEET’, about two women escaping polygamy in a Fundamentalist Mormon sect in Utah, which is based on true stories.


Tara Platt & Jared Anderson