Chaya (Emily Mortimer), ‎an orthodox Jewish women, visits a wig shop on the other side of town. At first on edge because of her new surroundings, Chaya lets down her guard when she is quickly befriended by the shop owner Tippy (Adina Porter) only to discover that nothing is as it seems.


SHORT | USA | 16min.

Kat Coiro is a writer/director best known for her 2013 film "And While We Were Here", which she wrote, directed and produced for 150K, in 11 days, while eight months pregnant. Never intending to be a professional actress, Kat used acting as a launching pad to writing and directing her own work. As soon as she had her first string of successes, including the viral hit "Idiots" for Funny Or Die and her first feature film, the ultra, low-budget indie "Life Happens", she stopped acting and never looked back, finding herself much better suited to being behind the camera. (IMDb)


Key Cast
Emily Mortimer | Newsroom, Liars and the Real Girl
Adina Porter | True Blood                                                      Rachel Taylor | Transformers, Jessica Jones
Rachel Keller | Fargo Season 2
Yelena Shmulenson | A Serious Man

Kat Coiro
And While We Were Here, Life Happens

Kat Coiro, Jessica Neuman

Jessica Neuman A Case of You, The Lookalike, Craggio
Lizzie Nastro
Lauren Bratman
Emily Mortimer
Alessandro Nivola
Lucy Barzun Donnelly