Vibrant colors drawn from the flags of Latin American countries explode and and coalesce in hand drawn animations referencing the beauty and strife that define Latino culture and its ability to flourish proudly in America.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater – Wednesday Oct 14 6:00PM


Category: Music Video
Year: 2015
Runtime: 4m
Country: USA
Language: English / Spanish


Senior Motion Designer: Peiter Hergert
Motion Designer: Daniel Moreno, Sharon Correa, Albert Yih, James Heredia, Carlos Enciso, Brian Smith
Producer: Michael Gersten
Videographer: Ben Sellon
Music: Helado Negro



Peiter C Hergert is a motion designer/animator from Portland, OR whose experience designing and animating creative solutions for television, desktop, mobile and out-of-home has spanned the better part of a decade. Outside of design and animation you will typically find Peiter with his beautiful hawt sauce wife, holding his amazing bohemian daughter, becoming increasingly irritated with his two greyhounds, or at home depot. He says life is amazing.