Harold and Maude / by Nathan Stueve


Young, rich, and obsessed with death, Harold finds himself changed forever when he meets lively septuagenarian Maude at a funeral.

SCREENING: Marfa Golf Course - Saturday Oct 17 8:30PM


Category: Narrative Feature Year: 1971 Runtime: 91 Country: USA Language: English


Director: Hal Ashby Screenwriter: Colin Higgins Producer: Colin Higgins, Mildred Lewis, Charles Mulvehill Editor: William A. Sawyer, Edward Warschilka Cinematographer: John A. Alonzo Music: Cat Stevens Production Designer: Michael D. Haller Cast: Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort

Hal AshbyHal Ashby was one of the preeminent American directors of the 1970s, who was associated with the New Hollywood wave of filmmaking and especially noted for such films as Harold and Maude (1971), Shampoo (1975), and Being There (1979).