Launch / by Nathan Stueve


A lone space traveler in a cut-rate interplanetary relocation pod grapples with his thoughts as the launch approaches.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Thursday Oct 15 2:00PM


Category: Narrative Short Year: 2015 Runtime: 12m Country: USA Language: English Premiere: WORLD


Director: David Nast-Cole Screenwriter: David Nast-Cole, Max Golden Producer: Olivia Pepper, James Vincent Ashton Editor: Bruce Li Cinematographer: Zach Kuperstein Composer: Gweniver Rhy Costume Designer: Christopher Franks Cast: Zac Carr



Llwellyn-Nast ColeDavid Nast-Cole is an independent filmmaker and visual artist. Born and raised outside of Boston, film has been his primary medium since the age of 11.