Lucifer / by Nathan Stueve


Lucifer descends a ladder in the sky to a village in Mexico, where he plays mischief with the inhabitants lives. Filmed entirely in circular "Tondoscope" format.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Wednesday Oct 14 6:00PM


Category: Narrative Feature Year: 2015 Runtime: 68m Country: Mexico / Belgium Language: Spanish Premiere: TEXAS


Director: Gus Van den Berghe Screenwriter: Gust Van den Berghe Producer: Tomas Leyers Associate Producer: Rosa Galguera Editor: David Verdurme Cinematographer: Hans Bruch Jr. Art Director: Natalia Treviño Cast: Gabino Rodriguez, Norma Pablo, María Toral Acosta, Jerónimo Soto Bravo, Sergio Lazaro Cortéz



Gust Van Den BergheGus Van den Berghe is a Belgian director and writer, known for Little Baby Jesus of Flandr (2010), Blue Bird (2011) and Phara (2008).