Mateo / by Nathan Stueve


Matthew Stoneman dreamed of pop stardom. Instead, he went to jail, learned Spanish, and emerged as "Mateo," America's first white mariachi singer. Mateo is on the brink of completing an album of original songs in Havana. But his estrangement from friends and family, his criminal past, and his love for Cuban women could derail him on his quest for fame.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Sunday Oct 18 10:00AM


Category: Documentary Feature Year: 2014 Runtime: 88m Country: Cuba / USA / Japan Language: English


Director: Aaron I. Naar Executive Producer: Producer: Benjamin Dohrmann, Aaron I. Naar Editor: Aaron I. Naar, Nicole Vaskell Cinematographer: Seth Cuddeback Composer: Matthew Stoneman Cast: Matthew Stoneman



Aaron NaarAaron I. Naar is a Film Independent and IFP Documentary Lab alumnus and a recipient of the Pacific Pioneer Fund. He currently serves as a Director and Editor at Editree Inc. where he has created documentary-style commercials for clients such as Google and Expedia. Aaron graduated from Vassar College with a dual BA in Hispanic Studies and Latin American and Latino/a Studies. He is based in Los Angeles, California.