Newborns / by Nathan Stueve


An exploration of a world imagined and enacted by survivors of acid attacks bravely defying the circumstances that will always accompany them.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Thursday Oct 15 12:00PM


Category: Experimental Short Year: 2014 Runtime: 7m Country: India Language: Hindi


Director: Megha Ramaswamy Screenwriter: Megha Ramaswamy Producer: Ruchi Bhimani, Anand Gandhi, Sohum Shah Editor: Rohit Pandey Cinematographer: Rohit Pandey Sound Designer: Aditya Yadav Cast: Laxmi Agarwal

Megha RamaswamyMegha Ramaswamy is a screenwriter, director and a film producer based in Mumbai. Her screenplay, Girls was selected at the NFDC Binger screenwriter’s lab (Venice, Goa) and had been shortlisted by the Sundance Institute writer’s lab 2012.