SPEARHUNTER / by Nathan Stueve


Deep in the wilds of rural Alabama, a spear-hunter proclaims himself the world's greatest and erects a museum dedicated to his own obsession. In this atmospheric and darkly funny documentary, an offbeat cast of lovers, acolytes, and critics of the megalomaniacal spear-hunter remember his distinctive tactics both for killing and for leaving a legacy.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Friday Oct 16 5:15PM


Category: Documentary Short Year: 2014 Runtime: 14m Country: USA Language: English


Director: Adam Roffman, Luke Poling Producer: Adam Roffman, Luke Poling Editor: Nathaniel Hansen Cinematographer: Nathaniel Hansen Music: John Kusiak Cast: Gene Morris


email: info@spearhunterfilm.com twitter: @spearhunterfilm facebook: facebook.com/spearhunterfilm website: www.spearhunterfilm.com


Adam RoffmanAdam Roffman has worked in various aspects of the film industry since 1996. He has worked in props and set decoration for filmmakers including Robert Altman, Martin Scorcese, Philip Noyce, David O. Russell, Paul Greengrass, Ben Affleck, and dozens of others. He was the Program Director of the Independent Film Festival Boston from 2003-2013 and has produced the feature-length films WOODPECKER (SXSW 2008), TRUST US, THIS IS ALL MADE UP (SXSW 2009), PHILLIP THE FOSSIL (SXSW 2010), RUBBERNECK (Tribeca 2012) and PLIMPTON! STARRING GEORGE PLIMPTON AS HIMSELF (PBS's American Masters 2014).

Luke PolingLuke Poling co-wrote and co-directed PLIMPTON! STARRING GEORGE PLIMPTON AS HIMSELF, which played theatrically nationwide, before debuting on PBS's American Masters in May 2014.