The Preppie Connection / by Nathan Stueve


Based on a true story of a prep school student who smuggled $300k of uncut cocaine into the US in 1984. The story centers on Toby, a lower-class scholarship student who uses his street cred and access to drugs to make friends with the popular kids, eventually allowing him to cultivate a drug trafficking network. Toby gets in far over his head as he leads his friends into the dangerous world of Colombian drug cartels.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Saturday Oct 17 5:40PM


Category: Narrative Feature Year: 2015 Runtime: 100m Country: USA . Puerto Rico Language: English . Spanish


Director: Joseph Castelo Screenwriter: Joseph Castelo, Ashley Rudden Producer: Joseph Castelo<, Charlie Bunting/span> Co-Producer: Travis Burgess Production Designer: Sara K. White Editor: Giacomo Ambrosini Cast: Thomas Mann, Lucy Fry, Logan Huffman, Jessica Rothe, Sam Page, Bill Sage, Amy Hargreaves



Joseph CasteloJoseph Castelo is the founder of Coalition Films. He co-wrote and directed THE WAR WITHIN, which premiered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival and was distributed by Magnolia Pictures.

Previously, Castelo wrote a screenplay for Columbia Pictures called THE PAWN, and another screenplay called IN THE POCKET.

Castelo has an MFA in Film from Columbia University. While in film school, he wrote and directed AMERICAN SAINT, starring Kevin Corrigan and Vincent Schiavelli. AMERICAN SAINT screened at the San Francisco and Florida International Film Festivals, before winning awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best Cinematography at the 2001 Hamptons International Film Festival.