High & Gruesome / by Nathan Stueve


In 1930's depression era America, Scrappy Lamburt and Pearly Stephens wake to discover that a “Sudden Violent Mishap” has caused everything to disappear—including their pet dog Boots, who they set out to find.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Saturday Oct 17 12:30PM


Category: Experimental Short Year: 2014 Runtime: 12m Country: USA Language: English Premiere:


Director: Vince Di Meglio Screenwriter: Vince Di Meglio Producer: Brett-Patrick Jenkins, Tim Rasmussen Cast: James Rasmussen, Stacie Rasmussen


website: http://www.highandgruesome.com/

VInce Di MeglioVince Di Meglio is a Sundance award-winning filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. He got his start as a gagman for Buster Keaton and was a frequent participant at the Algonquin Round Table.*

*In 2006 when it was empty.