Jacky in the Kingdom of Women / by Nathan Stueve


In the People’s Democratic Republic of Bubunne, it's the women who are in power, who give the orders and who fight the wars, while the men wear veils and look after the home. One of these men, Jacky, aged 20, has the same inaccessible fantasy as all the bachelors in the land – to marry the Colonelle, daughter of the dictatrix known as the Generale, and have lots of daughters with her.

But when the Generale decides to organize a grand ball to find a husband for her daughter, things look bad for Jacky. Mistreated by his aunt's family, he sees his dream start to slip away.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Sunday Oct 18 6:40PM


Category: Narrative Feature Year: 2014 Runtime: 87m Country: France Language: French Premiere:


Director: Riad Sattouf Screenwriter: Riad Sattouf Executive Producer: Mirza Davitaia Producer: Anne-Dominique Toussaint Editor: Virginie Bruant Cinematographer: Josée Deshaies Production Designer: Alain Guffroy Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vincent Lacoste, Didier Bourdon,


website: www.riadsattouf.com/ twitter: @riadsattouf

Riad SattoufRiad Sattouf was born in Paris of a Syrian father and a French mother. He spent his childhood in Algeria in Libya and Syria before returned to France with his parents at age 12. He has produced various works as an illustrator and cartoonist including the comic strip “The Secret Life of Young People” published for 10 years in Charlie Hebdo.

He made his directorial debut in 2009 with the feature Les Beaux Gosses. Jacky in the Kingdom of Women is his second effort as a director.

His most recent work is a dense autobiographical comic called The Arab Future, which chronicles his childhood in Libya and in Syria, two countries then marked by the ideology of Arab socialism. The second volume was published in June 2015.