ME / by Nathan Stueve


A down and out actress sells and directs an actual reality show centered on her delusional, once famous friend who already believes himself a popular reality show star. Imitation and life become absurdly entangled through the stage-managed drama of Levy's experiences.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Saturday Oct 17 3:30PM


Category: Experimental Feature Year: 2014 Runtime: 104m Country: USA Language: English Premiere: World


Director: Jefery Levy Screenwriter: Jefery Levy, Susan Traylor Producer: Jefery Levy, Susan Traylor, Orian Williams Executive Producer: Lauder Robinson Editor: Pablo Espada, Amy Scott Cinematographer: William MacCollum Cast: Jefery Levy, Susan Traylor, Molly Ringwald, Gina Gershon, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Des Barres, Steve Agee, Nathalie Love


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Jefery LevyJefery Levy was born in New York City. He studied English Literature, Film and Semiotics at UCLA, received his M.F.A from UCLA Graduate School of Cinema, and his law degree from Loyola Law School. He is a director and producer, known for S.F.W., Drive, and Invincible. He has written numerous feature and television pilot scripts for many of the major producers and studios, and has directed and produced dozens of award winning commercials and music videos, as well as prime time television shows.

Susan TraylorSusan Traylor produced and co-wrote and co-starred in ME. She has appeared in over fifty movies including Greenberg, Heat, A River Runs Through It, Bastard Out Of Carolina, The New Age, Valerie Flake (Film Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Actress) and Casserole Club (Domiani Visionfest Best Actress award). Traylor co-produced Jefery Levy’s The Key and wrote and directed and starred in Welcome To California which was recognized at the East Hampton Film Festival with the Spalding Grey Award for new voices in cinema. Most recently she has appeared in soon to be released Laura and Kate Muleavy’s Woodshock, James Oakley’s The Brits Are Coming and Steve Balderson’s El Ganzo which she co-wrote. Traylor was born in New York, raised in Malibu California, studied acting with her parents, the legendary acting teachers Peggy Feury and William Traylor and went to film school at NYU.