Traveling Lady / The Perfect Brand / by Nathan Stueve


Meet Nellie Bly, 1889. She is ready for an around-the-world trip with her signature coat, one dress, and a compact suitcase. The largest item in her bag is a jar of cold cream.

SCREENING: Crowley Theater - Saturday Oct 17 12:30PM


Category: Experimental Short Year: 2014 Runtime: 9m Country: USA Language: English Premiere:


Director: Jessica Mitrani Screenwriter: Jessica Mitrani Producer: Jessica Mitrani Cast: Rossy de Palma, Joan Juliet Buck



Jessica MitraniJessica Mitrani is a Colombian-born, New York–based artist who works in multiple media from performance and sculpture to film and video. Employing narrative, humor, and psychoanalytic tropes, she investigates the social and aesthetic construction of femininity and how it shapes identity.