2015 Films

The Immaculate Reception by Nathan Stueve

It's 1972 in blue collar Pittsburgh. The shy middle brother in a family of hard-working steelworkers, Joey has a chance to prove himself when a girl he has a crush on arrives at his house to watch the infamous playoff game between the Steelers and the Raiders.

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Welcome to Leith by Nathan Stueve

In 2012 notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb moved to Leith, ND and quietly plotted to turn the tiny town into a white supremacist stronghold. After his identity is discovered his threatening behavior escalates and the town’s residents desperately seek ways to expel their unwanted neighbor.

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ME by Nathan Stueve

A down and out actress sells and directs an actual reality show centered on her delusional, once famous friend who already believes himself a popular reality show star.

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